WARNING:These Products Contain Nicotine . Nicotine Is An Addictive Chemical

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All of the companies on this site we support 100% . We Believe in Providing the vaping community with the most reputable highest quality brands on the market .

Our Manufacturers


XL VAPE LLC  / Manufacturers Of VGOD and Salt Nic Premium ELiquids 

As the leading company in the vapor industry, dedicated as a wholesaler, XLVAPE has a large base of satisfied customers all across the nation. We focus on providing service, not competition.XLVAPE is dedicated to provide the customers with the finest quality eliquid for electronic cigarettes and other vaping devices. We stringently adhere to the top standards, set by us, using only the purest ingredients to craft the top notch quality vape juice that guarantees to give our customers the ultimate satisfaction.Using local ingredients, our setup in Southern California, always chooses the organic and natural ingredients, as far as designing and crafting of juices are concerned.We understand as a retailer, your business needs to achieve success, so we provide you with the most competitive pricing, by leveraging our buying power. You get the chance to access our future products. Whatever innovative products are available through XLVAPE today, it will be weeks before you see those elsewhere. This gives extra benefit for your business. XLVAPE is staffed with experienced buyers who know the dynamics and trends of the industry. Our customer care service representatives cater to every need of your business. Our warehouse personnel work with the sense of utmost urgency, which proves our interest in making your business a success. We keep on demanding from our suppliers and offer the same kind of service we expect for our company. 


VGOD® does not only embody the vape lifestyle and produce entertaining and engaging content, but we also design and produce some of the best Vape Products offered on the market from Premium E-Juices to Vape Devices.

Salt Nic Inc.

The Best liquid For Your Pod System!

Based in Los Angeles, CA, SaltNic eliquids allow you to vape High Concentration Salt Based Nicotine in Low Wattage pod devices.

Marina Vape Manufacturing LLC.

Marina Vape currently owns, manufactures, and distributes over 20 premium e-liquid lines with a combine total of over 50 flavors. Part of the success of Marina Vape can be attributed to the vast market share our products hold. Each one of our products is individually branded as a separate company. When producing new lines, Marina Vape uses several world-renowned marketing and branding firms for logo and packaging design. We also employ an in-house Marketing Director, a Digital Graphic Designer, and an in-house Cinematographer who all work together to create all of our social media campaigns, art work for our website, and video campaigns for all of our e-liquid brands. Great deals of consumers are not aware that some of the most popular e-liquids on the market today are all manufactured and owned by Marina Vape. This model allows our distributors to purchase multiple top selling lines from the same manufacturer, covering all segments of the market. Besides the convenience aspect of this type of arrangement, our distributors also benefit from the ability to reach higher quantity orders, thus reaching better pricing by splitting up their order among several brands. Instead of going to one manufacturer and purchasing 5,000 bottles of one product, our distributors are able to split a 5,000 bottle order between over 20 separate brands of different e-liquids. This lowers the risk for the distributor, and allows them to hedge their buying dollars while still getting the best possible price on the market.When producing new products, we utilize our extensive knowledge of the industry. Backed by the data we acquire from our sales, we are able to set trends and forecast what the next hot sellers will be. A great example of this is our Donuts E-Juice. We performed extensive market research while developing this line. We looked at which products were selling the best, and which flavors had the most potential. We were then able to forecast what the customers wanted. With the launch of Dohnuts E-Juice, we single handedly created a new trending flavor in the e-liquid industry. Marina Vape was first to launch a single flavor donut line. There are now over 10 donut flavors on the market to day and it only keeps growing. We continue to apply this same mentality when producing new products. We don’t jump on the next hottest trend; we set the next hottest trends.We strive to continue producing e-liquid products that are in a class of their own. As seen in the success of many of our products from Alpha Vape, Dohnuts E-Juice, Treats E-Juice, Nick’s Blissful Brews, OGNL Boba (previously Jazzy Boba), Crème De La Crème, to mention a few, the market demands the premium quality e-liquid that Marina Vape delivers. Our industry leading manufacturing process includes a fully operating clean room utilizing over $1M in industrial equipment and tools. Over 40 full-time employees dedicated to production and shipping allows us to not only create the very best premium e-liquid, but also produce and deliver in the timeliest manner. By investing capital into our production facility we were able to drive down the price per bottle on our end and thus enable us to offer the best pricing available on the market.More than just a one off purchase, we hope to establish long lasting connections centered around open communication and reciprocal benefits. Key to this development is our attention to detail in the execution of our orders. When placing an order with Marina Vape, it is a stress free experience; our clients rest assured knowing that they will receive exactly what they want, when they want it, at the agreed upon price.

Black Mvrket LA 

BLACK MVRKET began as VapEvo in July 2014, a start-up e-cigarette distribution company based in Los Angeles. Working with some of the biggest brands in the industry, we created a company built on the foundations of loyalty, customer service and quality products.After re-launching the brand in February 2016 with the name BLACK MVRKET, the company has grown into a global manufacturing and marketing company that distributes e-cigarette products in more than 20 countries.By utilizing unique combinations of extracts, we manufacture  and distribute some of the best tasting e-liquid in the world.  We’re in the business of creating unique products that people fall in love with. Through our creative ideas across all media and all other outlets, we set out to create fun and memorable experiences with our juices from beginning to end.We stay away from what everyone else is doing and create our own path. We stay true to ourselves and what we believe in, not compromising quality in our products or service. We stay low key, but wait and see… FREE99 is a state of mind

ALT Zero Inc.

From the beginning, Alt Zero has been committed to creating our e-liquid according to the latest, and highest safety standards.All of our products are created in our ISO-7 certified, state-of-the-art clean room created and built by California based company, Simplex. Using the latest technology in automated filling machines and equipment, we utilize the USA built Filamatic PROline equipment for automated filling, capping, labeling and sealing of all products. Our experienced and highly trained lab technicians bring to life the flavors created by our mixologists in a strictly controlled environment to produce a product of the highest quality and purity.Our ingredients are independently tested and obtained from only the best U.S. based suppliers to insure you are receiving the most consistent, purest, and best tasting e-liquid available on the market today.Once created, our e-liquid is stored in our manufacturing and warehouse facility under our strict, climate-controlledinventory management system, awaiting shipment to our customers in the U.S. and abroad.Our commitment to quality, purity, and consistency will continue to evolve as new technology becomes available to us. This is our commitment to you . . . our customer.

The Drip Company 

The Drip Company is a premium e liquid manufacturer. We offer The Drip Company, The Drip Company: Coffee Shop Edition, The Drip Co Certified, and Murdered Out by Comp Lyfe!

Gost Vapor 

The GÖST team consists of vapers who have been in the scene since the beginning. The constant search for new tastes inspired us to develop flavors the vaping community has never tasted before. GÖST’s flavors and bottling have been in development for over a year pinpointing flavors that would change the game with a bottle unlike anything on the market.
We began this journey with the idea to develop flavors unlike anything on the market. We didn’t want another cinnamon danish swirl or strawberry custard, that’s when we had the idea to develop a pancakes flavor. This was one of the hardest flavors to get just right but the final product came out better than we could have imagined. Once the cereal trend hit the market we wanted to put a new spin on it. After mixing a brand of fruity cereal with strawberry yogurt we were convinced this needed to be a flavor in the vape world. The creaminess of the yogurt perfectly complimented the fruity cereal creating Parfait. Chocolate and Strawberry milk have always been a favorite but when we looked for a vanilla milk we couldn’t find one. Even the grocery store lacked a bottled vanilla milk. This is when we decided to develop Milk Head to satisfy a sweet creamy taste that will bring out the milk head in anyone. We needed a vessel to be home to these amazing flavors, something that represented a familiar face with a dash of the unknown. The ghost shaped bottle perfectly encompasses our idea of flavors that will leave you mesmerized. The proprietary design was not easy to make but with the latest bottling technology we were able to create something truly unique.

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